Animação Facial para workshop

Ano passado tive o prazer de realizer um workshop de Animação Facial na Escola Melies. Essa é uma das animações que eu criei para o curso. Nos próximos dias eu colocarei uma espécie de passo-a -passo e falarei um pouco sobre meu processo de trabalho.

Animoon 2010

As usual I’m very busy at work, but I’m also getting ready for a facial animation lecture that I’m going to give in Brazil.

I’m really excited with this and I’m having a blast preparing the presentation.

Como sempre eu ando super ocupado com o trabalho, mas eu tenho encontrado tempo para preparar um apresentacao sobre animacao facial que apresentarei em Dezembro no Brasil.

Para os interessados, aqui vai o link do evento:

SC2 in 5 days

I’m  kinda biased to talk about this one, but I think it looks really nice…. :)

Make sure you watch it in HD.

Principles of Animation – Anticipation

Anticipation is a preliminary action that sets up a primary action. It cues or prepares the audience for what is about to happen.”

Over the past few years I have been saving and collecting references and good examples of the principles of animations. Today I’d like to share this one about Anticipation. The first video is a great example of exaggeration and anticipation. It’s interesting to see that without the anticipation, the animation doesn’t work at all.

With anticipation

Without anticipation:

And another brilliant example, that we can take advantage of this principle on illustrations as well:

Body Language

Just got this book about body Language in the mail . From what I read, Joe Navarro was a FBI agent specialized in body language. How cool is that?! This is a subject that always interesed me. As soon as I start reading I’ll post some thoughts about it here.

And here is a video, where he talks about his work:

Sergio Glenes – Illustrator and Art Director

Sergio is a  great guy and very talented artist. If you need some inspiration, you should definetely visit his blog:

Eye directions and movements

Here is a link to an interesting article about eye direction and movement. According to this study, we can tell if the person is telling the truth based on where he/she is looking. Not sure if 100%  scientific, but it’s a good reference for animation.

StarCraft II Commercial

Eye darts -Part 1

I’ve been trying to study a little bit more about facial animation lately, and I realized how complex simple things like eye darts can be. There are a few reasons why our eyes dart around. One of them is to help organize the thought process. For example;  in a conversation, when asked a question,  most people need a split of a second to process the information, think about the answer and talk back. It’s almost like our brains are not wired to  multitask (keep eye contact and think about an answer). This video is a really cool example of that:

Check it out, how almost every time James Franco is asked a question, his eyes move around before answering. It’s a very simple thing, but if an animator is able translate that to his work it could make a huge difference in a shot. I totally recommend watching this video and the others from this series.

The blog is back!

After a very long period of time, the blog is finally back. From now on I’ll try to post more often and write some more about animation. Stay tuned.